Tuesday, March 22, 2022

Redbubble: 2022 Absurdly Epic Design And Product Guide


During the year, you will most likely find yourself in need of gift... usually for others but let's face it... you deserve a little something as well every now and again! Because of this, I want to provide a small collection of some of my product designs available on the Absurdly Epic Redbubble website. That's exactly what you will find in this post...

By the way, all of these designs are available on items such as t-shirts, stickers, hats, hoodies, backpacks, socks, comforters, throw blankets, pillows, clock, wall art and more! 

PLEASE NOTE: You can read as much or as little of this as you want. The designs and links are the important part. The rest is me over explaining.


This is one from my 'Places' collection. I haven't gotten all that far with it because there isn't really any interest in them... I've made more because sometimes people travel and they want to remember some of the smaller places they've been and as a way to show pride where someone is from. Mostly, these designs are a bit more serious but I wanted to do something more fun and out there with this one because it is so unique.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like the design, for travelers and those from Zzyzx or Southern California.


This is one of my first designs based on the 'Home is where the ______ is" sayings. Beach themes were popular at the time but  the word 'beach' was a bit oversaturated so I went with the word 'surf' instead so it evolved into more of a surf design but I think beachgoers will really Love it either way. It has a calming quality and I feel it really captures the idea of a beach in the late afternoon!

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like the design, for beachgoers and surfers.


Animals are always a winner... I guess not on this particular design though because it has not gotten much attention! I enjoy it though as it reminds me of how content a cat it just sitting in the sun. I think the darker background does help the sun colors and words to pop and it's likely that you will see similar designs using this idea from my designs in the future.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like the design, people who like cats and people who like sunny days.


I Love music and while I knew from the outset that the "By The Sea" design would be niche I went ahead and made it anyway. I went with the "(C Note)" part of the design because I try to make some designs for musicians... and since the song is "By The Sea"... it just fit. "By The Sea" is an old musical standard so I think people will just know it and if you get it, then you get it.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like the design and for fans of music and music theory


Sports! I know almost nothing about them but I think having some unique designs catering to those that do like them is always a good thing. Also, this design is generic and almost funny because I think a lot of people are in the same boat as me where they themselves aren't a big sportsfan but they still want others to enjoy themselves and whatever sports to go in a positive direction.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like the design, those who like a variety of sports and for people who like people who like sports


This design was more about making something different that I hadn't made before. The pink and blue colors fit well with the word 'dreams' I think... although, I guess that's just me being goofy. I like the combination of colors and think they have a calming effect which fits well with the idea of the design. There is also a little image of a dreamcatcher hidden in there as a thing that catches dreams fits the idea of someone chasing a dream and also it's a nod to the song by 'Set It Off'!

WHO IS THIS FOR: People who like the design and for people who set big goals.


This design came about again from my Love of music. It comes from last year... around April or May when the weather gets pretty warm (Especially in Southern California) and is just invocative of those summer nights when it just gets cool but not really cool enough and your heading home alone on empty streets (Which don't really happen in populated areas but I think you get it.) I also really wanted to learn to improv on a saxophone... that never happened but the idea stayed and I really think this captures it.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like the design, people who Love Jazz music and for those who Love Summer nights.


I've actually made a fair few designs that involve the sand and beach and the idea of enjoying Summertime! That's what got me to do this design. I've noticed that several times on t-shirts, mug, hoodies and the like that creative use of words is often a good thing to implement which is why I tried to hit those "s"es a bit more than usual. I probably should've tried harder... I'm not sure two was enough alliteration but I ended up liking the design and colors quite a bit!

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like the design, those who enjoy endless Summer and for people who like palm trees...


I found this phrase to be popular at the time and thought I'd try to come up with a design for it. It was a bit bland at first but I think by making the words and icons invisible with a colorful shadow emanating from behind, actually elevates the image in a way that makes this design stand out!

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like the design and for people who have to deal with a lot (e.g. Children).


This design is most likely a result of attempting to find a good phrase for t-shirts- hoodies, stickers and stuff. Not a bad way to find what's around... but you also have to add something of your own to this to make it yours. So I did get the fun and lively colors going, as well as the underline emphasis on the words but I ultimately feel that it was the inclusion of the elephant that really sets this design apart from the rest.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like the design, like the words spoken, seek to never give up and for people who like elephants.


I don't go camping or hiking a lot but there is a part of me that wants to make designs like this. I Love images of nature and if I was more capable and coordinated, I would do it more often. I remember as a child I would often look up at the starry sky (Mostly when we would go to the desert or something) and stargazing was just such a deep and ingrained pastime fueling my interest in space! 

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like the design, like the outdoors and camping under the stars.


I like to play video games. I made this design because I just want to be able to connect with my passion. A gamer understands this sentiment though... more than any other person would... and that is why I think that this design works well. This is a category I would like to design more for, I just don't have a lot of ideas and I don't have access to any IP so it would take time I'm not giving myself.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who Love video games.


I've always really liked ninjas... and I can't draw very well... so typically when I'm using my original work, it's going to have a silly message. I am also a 'Night Owl' so I tend not to wake up and enjoy morning as much as others. Not that mornings are bad... but I'd just rather get on with my day and counting on the idea that others feel the same, I released this design into the world.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like ninjas and/or people who don't like mornings.


I believe the phrase this was designed to is "Music Is My Love Language". The phrase was trending on Redbubble and once again, I wanted to make something different... which I did. I enjoy this designs simplicity and that each word is another shade of red, also doing the words in the shape of a heart was a pretty neat idea that I'm not sure I know how I did.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who Love music.


I want to make designs for teachers... or really, I don't want them to be left out. I wasn't the best student... I mean I was always getting high marks for behavior but my homework attendance tended to bring my overall scores down and that might be part of why I design things for teachers and students... maybe it's a way of saying "Sorry for not doing better."

WHO IS THIS FORTeachers (Especially for teachers on or who want a vacation.)


I think for this design, I wanted to make something that was silly and I found assets to make an alien head. I wrote "I don't believe in humans" underneath as a kind of absurdist statement poking fun of people who say things like "I don't believe in aliens". Absolute statements aggravate me and I find it more cathhartic to use that for something creative as opposed to making a snide comment about it on Twitter or in a YouTube video.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like aliens and those who like silly messages.


This design is basically the same as the last one though I actually thought the message "I don't believe in humans" might be seen as a bit negative. Since I felt bad, I re-rendered with the phrase "I believe in you" which is probably even more silly but I like having a positive message design. I think it actually works well.

WHO IS THIS FORPeople who like aliens and those who like silly, positive messages.

Those are just a few of the designs from the Absurdly Epic Redbubble shop and I do think they are fairly good picks. I encourage anyone to take a look and browse the shop for themselves because there are a lot of designs and more are coming. I do plan to do another of these highlighting more of my designs but I don't know when and I will have other updates hitting the Absurdly Epic website so be sure to add it to your favorites and check back often.

I hope this has helped you in finding your next gift... for yourself or as a present for another. I make these designs in the hope that they will be seen and enjoyed on t-shirt, stickers, hoodies, hats and whatever other products one might find on Redbubble.

Before I go I'd like to tell you about my YouTube Videos which go into far mor detail on my designs like the ones mentioned here! To watch them, go to: https://youtube.com/playlist?list=PL3ihJOwOrh11l676ZUm5zzYLMgakO9u3E

Thanks for checking this outs... take care. Bu-bye!