Monday, November 8, 2021

Redbubble: 2021 Absurdly Epic Holiday Design Gift Idea Guide

 The holidays are here again and that means gift giving! Well... it means a lot of things... but high on the list, you have gift giving. Giving gifts always stalls people too... it seems every year I hear from someone that they just don't know what they should give. The truth is, a gift will be different depending on who you are getting the gift for! 

That can make it difficult for anyone to give advice on just what to buy for someone. To help out, I am going to list a few designs I uploaded to Redbubble this past year, as well as products that I think will be just right for gift giving.



This one is pretty self explanatory. It's a pro-bacon shirt for those who enjoy bacon. I tried to keep bacon colors with it and it is one of my more simplistic designs as it was one of the first I uploaded! As such, it's not on as many items as my newer work is, however; you can still get the design on a t-shirt which is where it looks best.

It's All About The Hike

A great design for those who love hiking and the outdoors! It's another very simple design but I feel it says so much and gives off very outdoorsy vibes (For lack of better words).  This design is also available in white and looks great on every product, especially coasters!

We Gonna Ride Or What

Of my various animal designs, my favorites are the ones that feature dragons. Sure, I know that dragons are "not real" in a traditional sense but these creatures really speak to anyone who has an interest in fantasy and I think that anyone looking to connect with someone interested in magic and legends will get the results they seek from buying something with a design like this! The design is also available in white and looks great on shirts!

Love Dragons

This is a newer design from me but I feel it also will speak to those who love fantasy and dragons! It turned out better than I thought it would and has encouraged me to include background elements to help fill out my designs. I really enjoy different colors and this design is transposed into red, green and blue so it appeals to dragon lovers of all kinds!

Genius By Birth Slacker By Choice

Another of my personal favorite designs, this uses an animal to get across it's unique message.
While many others use the image of a sloth, this design features an elephant which I honestly believe is way more of an appropriate animal for this phrase focusing on intellect. The use of color makes this design stand out and encourages a more fun and pleasant atmosphere which anyone who can relate to this phrase will appreciate. While this design looks good on many products, the humble sticker is a product where this design really shines!

Only You Can Prevent Forest Fires (Volcano)

I don't know why I thought up this one. I knew I wanted to do something with a dinosaur and I was learning how to new tricks in my graphic design program and this is the result. I think it is quite clever and will tickle others who like dinosaurs and possibly those who enjoy camping and parks. Provided that they also have a bit of a sense of humor about it. This design comes in either a volcano pattern or a traditional circle pattern and looks great on just about anything, especially the apron!


Here is another design that was a result of playing around in a graphic design program. I ended up finding this design while creating it and thought it would make a great gift for someone who served, is serving or wants to serve in or honor any branch of the military. I especially like the muted but still bold colors present in this design. It is also available on black and works best as a sweatshirt or even a magnet.

I Don't Give A Flying Buck

I think you'll find that many of the jokes I gravitate towards tend to be extremely silly more than anything else. This design is a prefect example. It involves a fictional creature that most would not recognize as anything but I had a lot of fun with it... and I believe that anyone who is a fan of corny jokes and humor and music will get quite a kick out of this as well! The design shines through on white or black but always looks good, especially on a mug!

In A World Full Of Tenors Be A Bass

Music is one of my passions and I enjoy creating music designs when I can. Unfortunately, it can be difficult to navigate the world of music based gifts when your knowledge of the subject is limited. This particular design isn't going to make sense for all musicians... it's for male vocalists with deep voices but to those in the know, it is very appropriate! This is available in different colors such as black and white as well as colorful and again looks great on everything, especially on a laptop sleeve.

Sorry I Can't Hear You I'm Celebrating Rocktober

I really, really wanted to make this one and I don't really know why. It's kind of limiting what with Rocktober being a play on the month of October. I think it can be used to suggest a separate non-existent month called Rocktober in which you would listen to music very loudly but that is a very high concept joke that not everyone would understand. Yet maybe it is more understandable than I thought as this is one of the designs I have sold. 

I was quite pleased because I honestly didn't think anyone would actually enjoy this design like me but maybe it actually touches the hearts of music lovers everywhere regardless of what month it is. This design is available on both black and white and looks great on the new baseball cap!

I Enjoy Romantic Walks Alone

A few months ago, the "I Enjoy Romantic Walks" tag was trending and a series of designs was born from me as I had the freedom to finish a saying I already knew was something that would be seen. I guess I was too late on this one though as I have yet to see any sales or much interest in it. I still think it is funny though and a great design for a gift to someone who may be more introverted. The design works great on most items but as a gift, I see it as a shirt!

There are also alternate versions of this design that are perfect for coffee lovers, fantasy lovers, electronics lovers and even lovers of the macabre each with different designs and sayings!

A Mighty Fine Holiday To You

I am currently (11/07/2021) uploading more color variations so please check on my redbubble page periodically to find the newest uploads but I do want to share this design so I can talk about holiday designs as gifts. I think you should probably steer clear of any sort of holiday merchandise for gifts... at least for holiday gifts. If you know for sure that the gift receiver is fond of a certain holiday... you might go with a holiday gift for them but if you're not sure... you might avoid holiday themed gifts.

Anyhow, this holiday design is fairly generic and can be a great gift for someone who likes to celebrate holidays in a more minimalist fashion... someone who is more quiet and reserved. I do think this design looks nice on most any item but especially on the pillow!

That's it. I feel like I could continue on but I'm not here to share every design with you! I encourage you to look at my catalogue though because there are many designs that I haven't shared with you and I know you will find much of what you're looking for with my designs!

I hope this helped you in finding some fun and unique gifts that you hadn't really considered both in my designs and in general. I like the holidays a lot and really hope that everyone can enjoy them just as much as myself!

I also want to mention the YouTube videos I've been making which go further into each design I make! Be sure to check that out.

Take care and thank you for reading this. Buh-bye!