Hi, I'm Justin! There's a chance you already knew that... but there's also a chance you weren't aware of that... but now you know! Anyhow... I have many, many different projects and then even more that I am starting soon! My newest one is a musical video series on YouTube where I'll be learning the Aerophone Mini!

    But it kinda means nothing without you! I am serious... I have always wanted to provide something of value to people... be it laughs or facts or just giving someone an idea to build off of. I have been making books, videos and other "merch" for years... and I plan to keep making them for as long as I can.

    That being said... I'm asking you to contribute. Of course there is no expectation that you will; however, it would help me greatly if you did. I have a couple different ways you can contribute money if that is what you wish, you can contribute a fixed amount through PayPal, a reoccurring amount through Patreon, or you can buy my poetry books or something from my Zazzle page.

    If a monetary contribution is something you are uncomfortable with, I would also like having my works spread around! Sharing my works across the internet through Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or anywhere else you think it fits... is pretty great!

    Anyway you feel comfortable contributing would be very helpful. To be honest, it would be extra awesome if you could do both! At this point, I'll leave you to it! Thanks for hearing me out and have a great day!

Take care!